Pokemon: A Touching Love Story

“Allergic to ‘e'” is the name of the challenge a friend nominated me for a few weeks ago. I didn’t accept, because the challenge is hard. It was easy to ignore. Just turn off those irritating blue ticks and pretend you never got the text. Simple. But a short while ago, I found someone else who had done the challenge on their blog, and I decided to do it myself. Consider this the payment of a debt.

The rules are as follows:

1. Write a whole paragraph. (child’s play)
2. Without any word containing the letter “e”. (impossibru!)
3. By reading this you are already signed up. (curse you!)
4. Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. (can’t suffer alone)

Pikachu looks at this stunning lady in front of him, and only lustful thoughts swamp his mind, making notations for his diary. Pika, pikapika pika pikachu. pikaaa-chu! Pikapikaaa-pik-a. Pikachuuu. Piiiika-chu. pikapikapika pika-pikaaa. pika-chuuu. Pikachu pika-pika-pika-chu. Pikapikapika-chu. Ah, pikaaa-chu. Pikachu. pika-chu. Pikapikapika-pi-ka-chu. Pikachupikachupikachu . Pikaaa! Pikaaa! Pikaaa! pika-pika-pikaaa. pikachu, pikapikapika. Piii-iii-iii-ka-chu. Pikachu-uuu. Pika-ah-ah-ah-chu. Pikachu. Ah, pikachu.

Hello, reader.

Nothing is impossible. Nothing. I recommend you check Troy’s attempt over at Trojan Utopia (great content there, by the way). He’s the reason I decided to give the challenge another try. It’s almost the same thing, really.

8 thoughts on “Pokemon: A Touching Love Story

  1. Wanna know something else that doesn’t have the letter ‘e’ in it?
    The fan mail, err hate mail that I send you;

    Fancy banana, thou art a pain and though my loathing for you is in vain (hey! That rhymed!) I shall always abhor thy work and hold you in disdain! Bazinga! Suck my kicks!
    You’re a disgrace to all pokemon fans worldwide! And my face is just fine!
    Yes, this is a rant!

    Liked by 1 person

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